Love Has Made A Woman Out Of You   (Jopat 207)   Joe Porritt


Circle left
Love has made a woman out of you
You're not the little freckled faced kid that I once knew

Walk around that corner, back home a dopaso
Turn partner left and the corner right, turn partner left
Allemande thar, men back in a right hand star
Slip the clutchleft allemande, and promenade
Standing here looking back, I don't regret the fact
My love has made a woman out of you
FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Those heads (sides) promenade go 1/2 way round
Walk in square thru go 4 hands around
Meet those sides (heads) & 
make a right hand star
Heads (sides) back to the middle a left hand star
Go once around, to the same 2 square thru 3/4
Trade byswing corner, promenade
Oh but looking back at you today
You've changed almost beyond belief

My love has made a woman out of you