Rhythm Of The Road    (ESP 612)   Larry Letson


Circle left
I'd rather be home but I make my living on the road
A big cadillac take me down the road, stop at another show

Allemande left your corner girl, come back a dosado
4 boys star by the left it's once around you go
Well come on home, turn her by the right, you go left allemande
Swing your own around and promenade the land
Think about holding my baby at night
As I listen to the big wheels roll
Three days into a six week tour
Getting in the rhythm of the road


Heads you gonna promenade go halfway around
Down the middle square thru 4 hands around
4 hands around and then you do the right & left thru
You're gonna veer to the left and then a ferris wheel you do
Square thru in the middle 3/4 to the corner swing
Swing & whirl the corner girl and promenade the ring
Don't know where I'll wake up in the morning
But I can't let the tempo slow
A four/four beat's the only time I keep
Getting in the rhythm of the road