Can't Stop Now   (ESP 610 )   Larry Letson


Hey! Allemande left like an allemande thar
And a forward two and star
Men to the middle, make an allemande thar
And you back on down that line
Shoot that star a full turn around
Give a right to your honey and you pull right by
Allemande left, weave around that ring
I should have slowed down when push came to shove
Dosado and promenade your little love
Well, it's too late baby, I can't stop now


Head (side) couples promenade 1/2 way around that ring you know
Down the middle and square thru count 4
4 hands and then, right & left thru & turn your lady there
Gonna veer to the left and ferris wheel
Those center 2 sweep 1/4 and 1/4 more
Pass thru, swing on the corner, promenade that floor
It's too late baby, I can't stop now


Sides face, grand square 1/2 way
Too late baby well I can't stop
Can't stop baby, can't stop now