Bobby Cole - ESP 478
by Steve Kopman


Bow to the partner and the corner too, Heads square thru, Touch 1/4, Scoot back, Boys U Turn back,

Everybody Square Thru 4, R&L Grand Promenade home.

Sides Lead right & Pass the ocean, Girls trade, Recycle & Sweep 1/4, Square thru 3, Left Allemande, Promenade.

Sides Pass thru, Separate around 1 to a line, Star thru, Double Pass Thru, Lead couple U Turn Back, Touch 1/4,

Centers trade, Girls run right, Forward & Back, Star thru, Those looking out U turn back, Centers Square thru 3,

Same sex slide thru, Ends pass thru, Bend the line, Star thru, Centers face in, Home.

Sides lead right, Circle to a line, Box the gnat, Pull by, Tag the line, Lead couples Partner trade, Touch 1/4,

Centers trade, Boys run right, Pass thru, Wheel & Deal, Double pass thru, Centers in, U turn back,

Touch 1/4, Boys run Right, Centers Pass thru, Right & Left Thru, Flutter wheel & Sweep 1/4, Boys walk, Girls dodge,

Boys U Tun back, Pass thru, Tag the line, Lead couples U Turn Back, Square thru on 3 Box the gnat, Pull by, Allemande Left,

Promenade home.

Sides Star thru, All Double pass thru, Centers In, Cast off 3/4, Touch 1/4, Girls run, Centers pass thru, Slide thru,

Boys Trade, With left hand Cast off 3/4, Chain down the line, Pass thru, Tag the line, Leads U turn back, Allemande Left,

Promenade home.

Allemande left, Alamo style & balance, Swing thru & Balance, Swing thru & Balance, Original heads Scoot back,

All original Sides Scoot back, Boys run right, Allemande left, Promenade home.

Sides R&L Thru, Same bunch lead left, Star thru, Pass the ocean, Boys Circulate, Girls Circulate, Swing thru,

Girls Circulate, Boys Circulate, Boys run right, Tag the line, Girls partner trade, Star thru, Chain down the line,

Find the corner Allemmande left & Promenade.

Sides Pass the ocean & Swing thru, Extend, Girls circulate, Boys circulate, Each box split circulate, Swing thru,

Girls trade, Roll the girls a 1/2 sashay, Pass thru, Tag the line, Leads California Twirl, Same sex Slide thru,

Centers Pass thru, Wheel & Deal, Centers Star thru & Back away, Bow to the partner and you're all done.


Heads double star thru, Clover & Triple star thru, Single wheel & Boys roll, Girls swing thru, Girls start a 1/4 thru,

Mix & Roll, Girls cross trail thru, Pass & Roll Your neighbor, Trade circulate, In roll circulate, Split circulate,

All 8 circulate, Girls run, Turn & Deal & Boys Roll, All circulate, Boys trade & Roll, Centers double star thru,

Others trade & Roll, Split square chain thru, Trade by, Quarter In, Pass thru, Single wheel & Boys roll,

Spin the windmill, Boys go 2 as you are, Girls Run, Trade circulate, Trade circulate again,

Ferris wheel & centers sweep 1/4, Home.

Sides Pass the sea, Extend, Boys remake, Girls zig Zag, Boys box counter rotate, All circulate,

Split counter rotate, Girls trade, girls run, Turn & Deal & everybody roll, Trade circulate boys go twice, Pass  in,

Centers start triple star thru, Step & Slide, Cross clover & Centers right roll to a wave & Lock it,

Chain reaction but turn star 1/2, Girls run, Mini busy, girls on the diagonal Pas thru, The  2 faced line Cross fire,

The other girls run, Girls diagonally pass thru, Spin the windmill In, Girls in diagonal box circulate, Girls  u turn back,

Boys mini busy, while girls trade with right hand, Each box circulate, Same box of 4 split counter rotate, Girls u turn back,

girls single file dixie style to a wave, boys extend, (facing diamond) Cut the diamond, Boys run, Bend the line, Pass thru,

Turn & Deal, Centers sweep 1/4, Home.

Heads right & left thru, Same 4 left wheel thru, Couples circulate, Boys walk & dodge, Cast a shadow, boys are clover leafing,

Boys pass the ocean, Diamond circulate, 6x2 acey deucey, Girls distorted facing diamond circulate,

Center 2 faced line turn & deal, Same 4 Pass in, Any hand 1/4 thru, Double star thru & roll, R&L Grand.

Sides turn thru & separate around 2 to the far ends, Touch 1/4 & boys roll, Girls DYP Checkmate the column,

While the boys Trade circulate, All Mini Busy & Boys roll, Diamond circulate, Boys begin a left 3/4 thru,

Girls slither, Ferris wheel, Centers reverse swap around, All single circle to a wave, R&L Grand.

Sides Pass the ocean, Center 6 girls walk boys dodge, Center wave lock it, Others hinge with a left hand,

Boys single wheel, Girls distorted 2 faced line lock it, (girls now have a 2 faced line) Distorted diamonds cut the diamond,

(Girls have right hands, boys have left hands) Boys box circulate, Girls DYP walk & dodge, Boys walk and dodge,

Girls cross fold, Pass & Roll your neighbor, Trade circulate, Single wheel, Bow to the partner & whoa!