Rip Saw - ESP 474
Darryl Lipscomb & Steve Kopman

Bow to the partner, to the corner too, Heads wheel thru, Facing recycle, Boys trade,

Switch to a diamond, Flip the diamond, R&L grand.

Heads pass the ocean, Chain reaction, Spin the top, Hinge, Circulate, Boys run,

Pass & roll, 1/4 Thru, Boys run, Pass thru, Wheel & Deal, Step to wave,

Ping Pong Circulate....Twice, Center girls trade, Linear cycle, Home.

Heads pass thru, Separate around 1 to a line, touch 1/4, Transfer and Boys box counter rotate,

Boys walk & Dodge, Right & left thru & roll, Motivate, Boys fold, Girls square thru 3,

Left touch 1/4, Mix & roll, Girls cross trail thru,  Single circle to a wave, Boys run, Left Allemande.

Sides pass thru, Separate around 1 to a line, Everyone square thru on 3 touch 1/4,

Transfer the column but girls hold the wave after you cast 3/4, Girls explode the wave,

Girls Clover Leaf, boys move in & turn thru, Girls Courtesy turn the boys, Touch 1/4,

Boys run, Slide thru, Pass thru, Wheel & Deal, Centers pass thru, Allemande left.

Heads touch 1/4 & Spread, Only the boys Mini Busy, The girl looking out run,

Center Boys run around the end boys, Just those facing Pass the ocean,

Girls in your box Scoot Back, Boys Trade, Each wave centers trade,

Boys don't move while girls run right, No one is facing, Grand extend to a big line,

Grand turn & deal the line of 8, Forward & back, Pass the sea, All 8 circulate,

Left swing thru, Trade circulate, Boys run, Ferris wheel, Centers sweep 1/4, Home.

Sides box the gnat, Split square thru 4, Trade By, Touch 1/4, Scoot & Weave,

Remake, Slip, Boys run right, Pass the ocean, Swing thru, Acey Deucey, Scoot & weave,

1/4 thru, Scoot & Weave, R&L Grand.

Sides R&L thru and left wheel thru, Split the heads around 1 to a line, Single circle to a wave,

Triple trade, Girls run right, Each 4some Turn & Deal & sweep 1/4, Facing Recycle,

Acey Deucey, Switch the wave, Trade Circulate, Ferris Wheel, Centers Sweep 1/4,

Bow to the partner and whoa right there.