Apple Turnover - ESP 471
Ross Howell calling A2
Ross workshops Finish Motivate.
Definition: Omit the all 8 circulate,
and finish the call, beginning with centers casting 3/4, as the ends 1/2 circulate, center star turns 1/2, as ends trade, those meeting cast off 3/4, as ends move up.


Heads square chain thru, Touch 1/4, Scoot and weave, Linear cycle, Pass thru,

Wheel and deal, and spread, Touch 1/4, Transfer and Follow your neighbor & Spread,

Extend, Boys run, Pass thru, Single wheel, Dixie style, Mix, Scoot back, R&L grand.

Sides square thru 2, Touch 1/4, Walk & dodge, Chase right, Cast off 3/4, Acey deucey 1& 1/2,

Boys mix, Diamond circulate, Girls explode the wave, Step & slide,

Horseshoe turn, Boys go twice, Boys cloverleaf, Girls square thru 3, Star thru,

Boys trade, Cast a shadow, Acey deucey 1 & 1/2, Wave of 6 Grand swing thru,

Boys single wheel and boys load the boat, Girls Flip the diamond, Girls lockit, Girls hinge,

Girls walk & dodge, Touch 1/4, Boys trade, All 8 circulate 1 & 1/2, Center wave swing thru,

Boys diamond circulate, As couples cut the diamond, Girls hinge, All flip the diamond,

Trade the wave, Recycle, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Double pass thru, Leads cloverleaf,

Others partner trade, Home.

Heads pass the ocean, Chain reaction, Boys roll, Girls circulate, Boys swing thru,

Diamond Chain thru, All cast off 3/4, Slide thru, Pass to the center, Centers right & left thru,

Double pass thru, 1/2 zoom, Cast off 3/4, Ends fold, center 4 Pass thru, Touch 1/4,

Scoot & weave, Explode & Touch 1/4, Coordinate girls with an extra hinge (Diamonds),

Diamond circulate, Flip the diamond, Acey Deucey, Explode the wave, Girls trade,

All cast off 3/4, Boys trade, Swing thru, Girls run, Couples circulate, Turn & deal,

Swing thru, Turn thru, Allemande left.

Heads touch 1/4 & Spread, all 8 circulate, In roll circulate, Boys pass the ocean,

Cut the diamond & roll, Girls pass in, Girls pass out, Pass & roll,

Cast off 3/4 & finish motivate, (girls cast 3/4, boys 1/2 circulate, centers star turn 1/2, outsides trade,

those who meet cast left 3/4, others move up).

Boys run, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Centers swap around,

Double star thru, Right &left grand.

Heads wheel thru, touch 1/4, Centers trade, Recycle, Pass & roll, Cast off 3/4,

Acey deucey, Scoot back, Finish motivate, 1/4 Thru, Girls run, Couples circulate,

Boys trade, Turn & deal, Square thru 3, Trade by, Pass thru, Center 4 swing thru,

Outsides trade, Center 4 Boys run, Same 4 1/2 tag & 1/4 thru, Centers Turn thru, Allemande left.

Heads pass thru, Separate around 1 to a line, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Zoom,

Boys pass thru, Pass & roll your neighbor & Spread, Finish motivate, 1/4 thru,

Recycle, Recycle again, Lockit, Grand swing thru, All lockit, Recycle, Veer left,

Bend the line, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Center 4 Slide thru, Home.

Heads pass the ocean, Extend, Everyone hinge, Scoot & weave, Swing & Mix,

Left swing thru, Trade circulate & Finish motivate, Split circulate,

Follow your neighbor & Spread & Finish motivate, Boys run, Pass the ocean,

Girls trade, Explode & Slide thru, Pass to the center, Square thru 3, Allemande left.

Heads wheel thru, Slide thru, Pass the ocean, All circulate boys go 1 & 1/2,

Girls cast off 3/4, Wave of 6 grand swing thru, Boys flip the diamond,

Girls single wheel, Boys explode the wave, Boys run, Touch 1/4,

Transfer and Scoot & weave, Chain reaction, Switch the wave, Couples circulate,

Crossfire, All circulate, Centers trade, Split counter rotate 1/4 & Finish motivate,

Boys run, Pass the ocean, Swing thru, Switch the wave, Ferris wheel,

Centers slide thru, Home.

Heads star thru & Spread, Touch 1/4, Checkmate the column, 1/2 Tag & finish motivate,

1/4 thru, Linear cycle, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Left Square thru 3, Touch 1/4,

Split counter rotate, Split counter rotate again, Hinge, Circulate,

Right & left grand, but on 3 Bow to the partner and whoa.