Tropical Delight - ESP 463

Darryl Lipscomb

Tropical Delight - Mainstream

Heads Spin The Top, Extend, Swing Thru, Split Circulate, Hinge, Girls Trade,

Recycle, Veer Left, 1/2 Tag, Cast Off 3/4, Swing Thru, Boys Run,

Couples Circulate 1 & 1/2, Bend The Line, Home

Sides Touch 1/4, Girls Pass Thru, Centers Square Thru 3, Centers In,

Cast Off 3/4, Centers Pass Thru, Tag The Line, In, Slide Thru, Girls Zoom,

Centers Pass Thru, Pass To The Center, Centers Slide Thru, Home

Heads Pass Thru, Separate Around 1 To A Line, Touch 1/4, Girls Run,

Double Pass Thru, Centers In, Tag The Line, Right, Circulate, Bend The Line,

Turn Thru, 1/2 Tag, Centers Cross Run, L.A.

Sides Turn Thru, Heads 1/2 Sashay, Girls Split Circulate, Centers Circulate,

Those Facing Slide Thru, Circulate, Bend The Line, Right & Left Thru,

Pass The Ocean, Girls Trade, All Circulate 1 & 1/2, Slide Thru, Home

Heads Spin The Top, Boys Touch 1/4, Center Boys Touch 1/4,

Those Facing Touch 1/4, Outer 6 Circulate & Face In, Those Facing Touch 1/4,

Extend, Split Circulate, All Circulate, Swing Thru, Recycle,

Square Thru On 3 R.L.G.

Sides Left Square Thru 4, Slide Thru, Left Touch 1/4, Circulate, 1/2 Zoom,

Boys Trade, Swing Thru, Circulate, Spin Chain Thru, Girls Circulate,

Turn Thru, Al

Heads Square Thru On 4 Left Touch 1/4, Sides 1/2 Sashay, Boys Split Circulate,

Centers Circulate, Those Facing Touch 1/4, Girls Trade, Swing Thru, Boys Run,

Couples Circulate, Girls Circulate, Bend The Line, Square Thru On 3 Slide Thru,

Bow to the corner and whoa right there,

Tropical Delight – Plus

Heads Touch 1/4, Girls Touch 1/4, Walk & Dodge, Load The Boat, Touch 1/4,

Girls Trade, Relay The Deucey & Spread, Hinge, Follow Your Neighbor, Girls Trade,

Explode And 1/2 Square Thru, Dixie Grand, L.A.

Sides Pass The Ocean & Swing Thru, Ping Pong Circulate, Extend,

Explode The Wave, Wheel & Deal & Spread, Boys Touch 1/4 & Roll, Pass Thru,

Tag The Line, Right, Girls Cast 3/4, Diamond Circulate Twice,

Flip The Diamond, RLG

Heads Touch 1/4 & Walk & Dodge, Slide Thru, Centers Girls Walk, Boys Dodge,

Coordinate, Diamond Circulate, Cut The Diamond, Follow Your Neighbor,

Left Swing Thru, Follow Your Neighbor, Hinge, Boys Trade, Circulate, RLG

Sides Boys Walk Girls Dodge, Boys Split Circulate, Centers Circulate,

Those Facing Touch 1/4, Acey Deucey, Load The Boat, Girls Cloverleaf,

Boys Turn Thru, Left Touch 1/4, All Circulate, 1/2 Tag, Trade & Roll, L.A.

Heads Lead Right & Veer Left, Circulate, Ferris Wheel & Spread, Touch 1/4,

Scoot Back, Track And Follow Your Neighbor & Spread, Cut The Diamond,

1/2 Tag, Split Circulate, Hinge, Linear Cycle, Load The Boat, R.L.G.

Sides Pass The Ocean, Ping Pong Circulate, Centers Turn Thru, Slide Thru,

Load The Boat, Boys Split Circulate, Centers Circulate, Those Facing Slide Thru,

Pass Thru, Chase Right, Spin The Top, Linear Cycle, L.A.

Sides Right & Left Thru & Lead Left, Veer Right, Couples Circulate, Boys Trade,

Wheel Around & Girls Hinge, Diamond Circulate, Cut The Diamond,

Tag The Line & Track 2, Girls Trade, Pass Thru, Chase Right, Cast Off 3/4,

Circulate, Boys Run, 1/2 Circulate, Bend The Line, Home

Tropical Delight – Advanced

Heads Pass The Ocean & Swing Thru, Chain Reaction,Scoot Chain Thru,

Boys Run, Head Boys cross, Coordinate, Diamond Circulate, Cut The Diamond, Motivate, 1/4 Thru, Swing Thru, Circulate, Boys Run, Bend The Line, Pass Thru,

Ends Run, Crossfire, RLG

Sides Touch 1/4, Triple Cross, Circulate,Transfer & Follow Your Neighbor,

Spin The Windmill Left, Turn & Deal, Girls Wheel Thru, Coordinate,

Cut The Diamond, Scoot Back, Dixie Grand, Al

Heads Touch 1/4 & Cross, Thru, Circulate,Any Hand Swing Thru, Touch 1/4,

Split Transfer, Scoot & Weave, Switch To An Hourglass,

Girls DiamondCirculate, Flip The Hourglass, Motivate, Girls Trade,

Pass The Ocean, Explode The Wave, Wheel & Deal, Centers Slide Thru, Home

Sides Recycle & Split Square Thru 4, Centers Box The Gnat & Pull By,

Others Trade & Roll, Split Square Chain Thru, Left Roll To A Wave, Mix,

Recycle & Centers Roll, Centers Box Transfer & 1/4 In, Home

Heads Beaus Walk Belles Dodge, Boys Split Circulate, Centers Circulate,

Those Facing Left Touch 1/4, Slip, Split Counter Rotate, Transfer & Left 1/4 Thru,

Extend, Mix, 1/4 Thru, RLG

Sides Spin The Top, Chain Reaction, Remake, Scoot & Weave, Recycle,

Boys Wheel Thru, Coordinate, 6x2 Acey Deucey, Center 4 1/2 Tag,

Each Wave Swing Thru, Boys Run & Bend The Line,

Pass Thru & Finish Ferris Wheel, Double Pass Thru, Track 2, Boys Circulate,

Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears Star 1/2, Extend, R.L.G.

Heads Wheel Thru, Boys Wheel Thru, 1/2 Split Circulate, Explode The Wave,

Tag The Line In, Center Girls Jaywalk, Coordinate, Diamond Circulate,

Cut The Diamond, Swing Thru, All Circulate 2, Explode Pass The Ocean,

Scoot Back, Crossfire, RLG, Promenade back home, and whoa right there.