Miss You - ESP 461

Recorded live at Gatlinburg Getaway by:

Steve Kopman & Darryl Lipscomb


Heads wheel thru, Touch 1/4, Scoot & weave, In roll circulate, 1/4 Thru, Girls run, Pass in,

Triple star thru, Single wheel, Girls square thru 3, Boys courtesy turn the girls & Rollaway,

Ends face in, Home.

Heads pass the ocean, Chain reaction but turn the star 1/2, Boys run, Right & left thru,

Dixie style to a wave, Boys remake, Spread, Slither, Couples circulate, Ferris wheel,

Centers pass the ocean, Same 4 Explode & slide thru, Home.

Heads right & left thru, Same 4 left wheel thru, Reverse single circle to a wave,

Girls 1/4 thru, Diamond circulate, Boys left swing thru 1 1/4, all switch the wave, Ferris wheel,

Centers square thru 3, Slide thru, Pass the sea, Left swing thru & roll, Girls cross trail thru,

Pass & roll your neighbor, Trade circulate, Acey deucey, All circulate, Boys run,

Turn & deal & sweep 1/4, Centers right & left thru, Others face in, Home.

Sides pass thru & single wheel, Same 4 double pass thru, Both go right around 1 to a line,

Right and left thru, Dixie style, Boys 1/4 thru, Cut the diamond, Swing thru, All circulate,

1/4 thru, Scoot & weave, 1/4 thru, All circulate, Switch the wave, Bend the line,

Pass the ocean, Slip, All circulate 1 1/2, Slide thru, Home.

Heads star right & face corner, Left touch 1/4, Mix & boys roll, Centers circulate,

Boys touch 1/4, In roll circulate, Lock it, Right & Left thru & turn 1/4 more,  Trade circulate,

Boys trade, Bend the line, As couples touch 1/4, As couples scoot & weave,

As couples switch the wave, As couples crossfire, Bend the line, Allemande left.

Sides wheel thru, Boys do your part wheel thru, 1/2 split circulate, Girls trade, Swing thru,

Switch to an hourglass, Hourglass circulate, Boys start a double flip the diamond,

Ladies trade, Linear cycle, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Centers step to a wave,

Ping pong circulate, Centers slip & slide thru, Home.

Sides turn thru, clover and triple star thru & boys roll,

Each box your part scoot back and girls roll, All split counter rotate, Boys run, Pass the sea,

All circulate, Allemande left.

All 4 couples right & left thru, Heads pass the ocean, Ping pong circulate,

Centers explode the wave & separate around 1 to a line, Touch 1/4,

Transfer the column, but boys hold the wave of 4 & slip, slide, slip, (boys LH wave)

Extend to a left hand, Left 1/4 thru, Trade circulate, Switch the wave, Couples circulate,

Girls circulate, As couples scoot back, Ferris wheel centers sweep 1/4, Home.

Sides single circle to a wave & lockit, Chain reaction but turn the star 1/2, Girls run,

Couples circulate, Boys remake, Girls U turn back, Left swing & mix & boys roll,

Spin the windmill girls go 2 as you are, Bend the line, Box the gnat, Fan the top,

Swing thru, Switch the wave, Ferris wheel & centers sweep 1/4, Home.