Bongo Beat – ESP 459

Darryl Lipscomb calling Manstream

Heads Touch 1/4 & Walk & Dodge,

All right & Left Thru & Rollaway,

Square Thru On 4 Left Touch 1/4,

Girls 1/2 zoom, boys extend & trade,


Heads Slide Thru & Square Thru 3, Left Touch 1/4,

Walk & Dodge, Wheel Around, Dixie Style To A Wave,

Boys Trade, Girls Cross Run, All Circulate, Swing thru,

Boys Trade, Boys Run, Bend The Line, Pass Thru,

Tag The Line In, Ends Box The Gnat, Centers Slide Thru,

All Pass Thru, Allemande Left, RLG.

Sides Touch 1/4, Girls Touch 1/4, all walk & Dodge,

All Circulate, Girls Touch 1/4, Centers In, Cast Off 3/4,

Girls 1/2 Zoom & Hinge, Boys Touch 1/4,

Those Facing Start Right & Left Thru, Square Thru 2,

Bend The Line, Pass Thru, Wheel & Deal,

Centers Square Thru On 3 Slide Thru, Home

Heads Pass Thru,

Both Go Right Single File Around 1 To A Line,

Right & Left Thru, Dixie Style To A Wave, Swing Thru,

Chain Down The Line, Flutter Wheel, Pass The Ocean,

Girls Trade, All Circulate, Girls Trade, Swing Thru,

Turn Thru, Allemande left, Promenade short.

Sides Left Square Thru, Left Touch 1/4, Walk & Dodge,

Girls Trade, Swing Thru, Split Circulate, All Circulate,

Recycle, Boys Walk Girls Dodge, Circulate,

Centers Face In & Back Away,

Sides (down the middle) Walk & Dodge,

Sides Trade, Home

Heads Square Thru 2, Touch 1/4, Walk & Dodge,

Boys Trade, Left Swing Thru, Split Circulate,

Boys Trade, Spin The Top, Hinge, Girls Run,

Slide Thru, Square Thru On 3 Pass The Ocean,

Recycle, Allemande left, Settle at home

Sides Swing Thru & Spin The Top, Extend, Swing Thru,

Girls Cross Run, Chain Down The Line, Flutter Wheel,

Boys Walk Girls Dodge, Scoot Back, Girls Trade,

Spin The Top, Swing Thru, Spin Chain Thru,

Right & Left Grand, Bow to the partner, and whoa!