Loop Di Love – ESP 458_PLUS

Darryl Lipscomb

Sides Touch 1/4 & Boys Run,

Relay The Deucey,

All Hinge,

Split Circulate 2,

Follow Your Neighbor & Spread,

Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears,

Explode Touch 1/2 (2 quarters),

Center 6 Trade (with a left),

Boys Run,


Explode The Wave,

Wheel & Deal,


Centers Square Thru On 3 Turn Thru,

Single Circle To A Wave,

Boys (Only) 1/2 Scoot Back,

Center Boys Cast 3/4,


Heads Pass The Ocean,

Heads Swing Thru,


Spin The Top,

Grand Swing Thru,

Boys Run,


Centers Trade,

Boys Hinge And Roll,

Boys Split The Girls, First Go Left, Next Go Right Around 1 To A Line,

Center 4 Pass The Ocean,

Sides Hinge,

Girls Run,


Girls Zoom,

1/2 Tag,

Explode The Wave,

Wheel And Deal,

Centers Box The Gnat,

Dixie Grand,


Sides Touch 1/4,

Girls Touch 1/4,

Everyone, Split Circulate,

Girls 1/2 Zoom And Hinge,

Those Facing Start A Right And Left Thru,

All Veer Left,

Acey Deucey 1, 1/2,

Center Diamond Circulate,

Line Of 6 Half Tag The Line,

Girls Explode The Wave,

Girls Clover Leaf,

Boys Walk And Dodge,

Touch 1/4,

Girls Cross Run,


Heads Square Thru On 3 Touch 1/4,

Girls Pass Thru,

Centers Swing Thru,

Outer 6 Circulate,

Boys Explode Touch 1/4,


Boys Track 2,

Girls double extend to a box of 4,


Coordinate, But, girls cast 3/4,

Flip The Diamond,

Swing Thru,


Pass Thru,

Trade By,


Sides Pass Thru Separate Around 2 To A Line,

Right And Left Thru,

Flutter Wheel And Sweep 1/4,

Pass The Ocean,

Boys Cross Run,

Girls Hinge,

Diamond Circulate,

Girls Distorted Wave Swing Thru,

Cut The Diamond,

Girls Cross Run,

Grand Swing Thru,

Spin The Top,

All Circulate 1 1/2,


All Boys Run Right,


Heads Spin The Top,

Boys Pass Thru,

Center 4 Cross Fire,

Those facing start, Right And Left Thru,

Pass Thru,

Chase Right,


Girls Track 2,

Boys double extend to a box,

Tag The Line 3/4,

Boys Clover Leaf,

Girls Explode Square Thru 3,

Left Touch 1/4,

Girls Run,

Ferris Wheel,

Centers Square Thru 3,

Allemande Left