Inferno – ESP 457 A2

Steve Kopman & Darryl Lipscomb

Heads pass the ocean, Chain reaction, Switch the wave and roll, Girls square thru 3, Left touch ¼, Mix and boys roll,

Girls box counter rotate, and girls walk and dodge, Pass and roll your neighbor, Girls run, Couples circulate, Cast a shadow, All circulate, Lockit, Single wheel and roll,

Girls peel off, R&L Grand.

Heads square chain thru, Sides1/2 sashay, Pass and roll,

Left swing thru, Fan the top, Hinge, Circulate, Boys run,

Slide thru, Pass thru, Wheel and deal, Centers step to a wave, Ping pong circulate, Ping pong circulate again,

Centers linear cycle, Home.

Heads touch ¼ and cross, Pass and roll your neighbor and just the boys spread, Center 4 box the gnat and same 4 cross trail thru, Ends bend, Split square chain thru,

Spin the windmill left, Left swing thru, Scoot back, Allemande left.

Sides pass thru, separate around 1 to a line, Pass thru,

Wheel and deal, Girls square thru 3, Left touch ¼, Acey deucey and spread, Motivate, Boys run, Right and left thru,

Pass the ocean, All circulate, Recycle, Square thru 3,

Trade by, Allemande left.

Sides wheel thru, Double star thru, Right roll to a wave,

Girls left remake, Boys zig zag, Girls box counter rotate,

Those facing begin a right and left thru, Pass the sea,

Lockit, Slip the clutch, Allemande left.

Sides pass the ocean, Chain reaction center star ½,

Boys run, Right and left thru, Pass the ocean, Swing thru,

Girls cross run, Girls remake, Boys circulate, Left swing thru,

Switch the wave, Cross over circulate, Boys trade, Cast a shadow, Slip, Switch the wave, Ferris wheel, Centers slide thru, Home.

Sides box the gnat, Split square chain thru but don’t do the turn thru, instead girls run, Couples circulate, Boys left ¼ thru, Diamond chain thru, Boys u turn back, Girls, run,

Bend the line, Ends ¼ in, Home.