One Step Forward ESP 230
Darryl Lipscomb


Sides face, Grand Square:
You held me up, you held me down
Made me crazy, then you brought me around
Were my darkness and my light
You were my blindness and my sight

Circle Left:
One step forward and 2 steps back
Left Allemande and promenade
One step forward and 2 steps back
Nobody gets too far like that!

Break Lyrics

You were my shelter and my storm
Made me cold then you made me warm
You were my fever and my cure
Made me doubt then you made me sure

Closer Lyrics

And we were never really meant for each other
We were never really meant to last
In the years that we danced together
For each step forward we took two steps back


(This has a unique use of CROSSFIRE)
Heads Square Thru, Dosado
Swing Thru, Girls Fold,
Peel The Top, Right & Left Thru,
Pass The Ocean,
Your Part Crossfire,
Swing & Promenade Home
One step forward, and 2 steps back
This kind of dance, will never last.


Bow to the partner, and Whoa!