Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie   (ESP 132 )   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Circle to the left
Wait till the sun shines Nellie
And the clouds go drifting by

Walk around your corner girl, see saw the partner
Left allemande then weave the ring
Down lover's lane we'll wander
Swing your girl and promenade
Wait till the sun shines Nellie, by and by

FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides)

Heads square thru 4 hands around you travel
Round that corner do a dosado
Swing thru tonight, let those boys run right
Do a half tag, trade and you roll (look at her now)
Square thru 3 and you go left allemande
Swing a new girl and you promenade
We're gonna wait till the sun shines Nellie, by and by


By and by