Maggie, When You And I Were Young    (ESP 130)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Well all 4 ladies chain, you're gonna turn those ladies
Roll her away and circle left
You roll away again, and circle left around now
Left allemande and weave around the ring
*The green grove is gone from the hill, Maggie
Swing your girl and you promenade
*I wandered today to the hill, Maggie
Where you and I were young


Head couples square thru, it's 4 hands around now
With the corner do a dosado
You swing thru tonight, let those boys run right
You tag the line and now go all the way through
Girls turn back, touch 1/4, girls trade
All single hinge, scoot back, swing the corner, promenade
To me you're as fair as you were, Maggie
When you and I were young


*And now we are aged and grey, Maggie

*They say I am feeble with age, Maggie

*The rusty old mill is still, Maggie


When you and I were young