Guess It Never Hurts   (ESP 126 )   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Sides face, grand square
Sometimes I feel the weight of the past break in my mind
I know it's gone for good & it makes me want to cry
Is this all we get to keep, as the years go rolling by
Just a memory of all the days gone by


Well the heads/sides square thru & go
Round the corner, do a dosado
You do a spin chain thru & girls circulate 2 times around
Then turn thru, left allemande, then walk by one
Swing the next, promenade so fine
Well I guess it never hurts to hurt sometimes


Sides face, grand square
You try to hold on to the moment but time won't let you stay
But for every step you take you lose something on the way
You can't look forward to tomorrow & still hold on to yesterday
Oh I hope that you can hear me when I say


Sides face, grand square
Oh you're always in my heart & you're often on my mind
I will never let it die just as long as I'm alive
Sometimes it makes me sad that we never said goodbye
Oh I guess it never hurts to hurt sometimes