Just Bummin’ Around – ESP 1177

Elmer Sheffield Jr.

Circle left:

*I’ve got an old slouch hat,

I got my roll on my shoulder,

Allemane left, Dosado, men star left,

…….Turn thru, left allemande,


I’m as free as a breeze, do as I please,

Just a Bummin’ around.


**I got a million friends,

Don’t feel any older,


***I ain’t got a dime,

Don’t care where I’m going,


Just a bummin’ around.


Heads left square thru,

Meet the sides and make a left hand star, full around,

Heads to the center with a right hand star full around,

back to the sides left touch ¼,

Walk and dodge,

Wheel around, 2 ladies chain keep her and promenade,

And promenade.

I got nothing to lose, not even the blues,

Just bummin’ around.