Second Fling    (ESP 1153)  Elmer Sheffield


Circle Left
Circle left. Iím gonna fill the jukebox up with nickels
Dance to every tune
Men Star Right and you roll it around
Left Allemande, then Weave the Ring
* And when itís time to feed the chickens
Iíll be howling at the moon
Iím gonna let my hair down, really bear down
Have me a second fling.


Heads [sides] Flutter Wheel across now, Sweep 1/4 more
a Double Pass Thru, and then Track Two
Go walking around the floor
All Eight Circulate, go two times
Swing that corner, Promenade
Iíll take the consequences, lose my senses
Have me a second fling.


Iím tired of sitting here a rocking
Iíve been getting too much rest.

Iíll get to be a gray-haired angel
If I donít get this off my chest.