Just The Way Iīve Always Been    (ESP 1151)  Elmer Sheffield


Circle Left
I took your picture from the table
Iím finally feeliní all alone
Left Allemande the corner, Dosado you own
Left Allemande and Weave The Ring
Iím just the way Iíve always been
Swing your girl around and Promenade
There ainít nothiní new about me
Iím just the way Iíve always been


Heads Square Thru count 'em 4 hands round
You make a Right Hand Star
The Heads Star Left, roll it one time and then
Same pair and do a Dosado
Swing Thru and then the Boys Trade
Swing the corner lady round and Promenade
Same olí faults, same olí friends
Iím just the way Iíve always been


I took your number from my rolodex
I might get weak and call your phone

Got my chainsaw from your brother
I did all of that and then

Your uncle called about my pickup
Heíd like to use if for a day

I told him come ahead and get it
Donít know when Iíll need it again.